This is just the beginning.

Blending together the finest ingredients, our teas are wholesome and refreshingly delicious. They are intimate and convenient to enjoy, and can be personalized to exactly the way you want them.

Welcome to the community. Live a little, Sweet a little.

sweet a little
Sweet: the action of celebration, enjoyment
a little: in moderation, not overly done, balanced

The Name

It’s a simple name that everyone, whether a five or fifty-year-old, can pronounce it and share a moment of joy. It reminds us that “enjoyment in moderation” helps maintain a good balanced lifestyle.

After many trips to the beaches, mountains, and lakes, this name finally came to us – Sweet a little. (We love you, California.)

The Ingredients

What you get in your cup of Sweet a little is premium loose leaf teas carefully steeped in small batches, fresh Grade-A milk free of rBST and antibiotics, low-glycemic organic agave nectar.

Rather than relying on artificially refined or chemically synthesized ingredients, we source, store, and transport fresh ingredients that are wholesome and grown responsibly.

The Flavor

Energizing, refreshing, or thirst-quenching, each drink on the menu is crafted to have a unique character. We, along with our partner Executive Chef & Bartender Alexander Ruiz, made sure the tea is distinct but not overpowering, the milk smooth but not too creamy, and the amount of agave nectar just enough to round off the drink with its natural sweetness.

We’re constantly on the lookout for unique flavors to add to the ingredients list – pureed passionfruit grown on the north-west coast of Ecuador, extracts of vanilla beans harvested from the Bourbon Island of Madagascar, elderberry flower blossoms from the Austrian summertime…indulge your taste buds.

The Cup

The confetti-inspired patterns originate from one of the most ancient rituals in human history: celebration by tossing grains and small sweets into the air. It turns your tea into a gift, wrapped with love and care.

A proud stamp of freshness and quality, each cup is sealed with a spill-proof lid. Take it with you, wherever you go.

This is your story.

Come help us shape Sweet a little, the way you want it.
We look forward to seeing you.